Mosquitoes and Your Health

At Mosquito-Free our goal is to, Protect Your Family and Protect Your Pets. Mosquito-borne diseases should be a major concern for homeowners, business owners and pet owners alike. As parents of young children as well as loving pet owners, the owners of Mosquito-Free are aware of the dangers associated with the numerous diseases spread by mosquitoes, and we want to provide as much protection as possible.

While Zika and West Nile virus have garnered much attention recently on the human population, heartworm; which is also spread by mosquitoes, is even more dangerous to our pets.  Many are not aware of the dangers mosquitoes pose to our furry friends.  If a dog is not medicated for heartworm, there is a near 100% chance that it will have heartworm by the age of 5.  Even if your dog has been treated for heartworm, the Mosquito-Free barrier solution will provide an additional level of protection for your pet.

With the Mosquito-Free Zone barrier solution, our customers can rest easier knowing they have Mosquito-Free protection as well as our 100% guaranteed service.

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